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Provide your customers (and employees) with a fun, high-quality soft serve product. Ice cream is still America’s favorite dessert. Our guest check add-on allows you to offer the Best Soft Serve Ice Cream on the Planet® in a space of just 3 linear feet. Our business model is adaptable to a variety of locations, and everyone loves ice cream… watch this video to learn how a brand partnership with Topper’s Craft Creamery can benefit you and your customers!

current partners enjoying added sales

increase current and
new customer frequency
add revenue without
adding additional labor
improve sales across
slower day-parts

leased equipment


The cost analysis tables below are a conservative projection from Topper’s Craft Creamery (as an added complementary brand), based on some of our current partners‘ unit volume. Use them to project your added sales benefit when adding Topper’s Craft Creamery and call us for further financial projection assistance. The green-shaded cells can be changed to reflect your own estimated values.


FRANCHISE FEE:                           $5,000.00* (10 year term)


Grab n Go Freezer – – – – – – – $25/month

Waffle Cone Maker – –  – – – – $25/month

FLAT ROYALTY FEES: – — – — – $150/month** 
*($225 per month) Includes full set-up with new single-flavor machine, menu board, small wares and on-going service.
**(increases $10/month annually)


(1) COGS: Includes sampling and waste. Based on $15/gallon landed cost.
(2) Incremental added labor of $30 per month; though often there is little or no added labor.
(3) $40/month estimated for electric and R/M.
(4) Other fees may include percentage rent or a location fee within a branded facility.
Note: your sales may vary, and profits may be higher or lower based on operator.

is the addition of Topper's Craft Creamery


Are you open to adding a small franchise inside your location; which can be leased, or financed up to 100%?

Is your team willing to learn how to dispense cups, cones, and sundaes?

Do you have a minimum of 3 linear feet of counter space? Is there room for a counter or floor freezer option?

Would a crafted frozen soft-serve be something your customers would enjoy?

Do you have a person that would champion the brand addition at your location?

Are you willing to spend up to 30 minutes each week to clean and maintain your machine?

Would existing offerings like cookies, coffees, and beverages benefit from the addition of soft-serve?

Would the addition of soft-serve expand your opportunities with catering; 3rd party delivery or room service; a customer, guest, or employee benefit – like a free cone or sundae?

Is it possible/permittable to add a Topper’s Craft Creamery® Express in your location?


Are you ready to make 50-60% profits? Start enjoying this easy revenue opportunity!

Your Topper’s soft serve can stand on its own, or as part of a premium dessert bar offering. It fits into any venue and our Grab ‘n Go solution is perfect for delivery. If you’d like more information, simply complete this form.

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